Bingo used to be the game for old people. It might have stayed that way but thanks to all of the new bingo halls online this classical game has found a new audience. There are many reasons for why the future of bingo lies online. In many countries land based bingo halls have to close when their customers stay home by the computer instead. Should we mourn the original establishments or sheer that bingo is becoming a cooler game by the day? Read this article and give it a thought!

The land based Bingo Hall

land based bingo

There are all types of bingo halls and the way they are set up depends a lot on where they are situated. Some bingo halls are very modern and all games are run by computers and random number generators. It is really like playing bingo online only slower and while sitting in a crowded room with many others. There are also smaller land based bingo halls that pop up in vacation areas on demand. These bingo halls might be without computers and with bingo games played as they used to be played way back.

Community and Interaction

Many thought that bingo online would lose the special social feeling of the game. If people can’t see each other, how can they talk? In an age when everything goes on online and people choose their spouses through dating portals this question seems a bit weird. Everything online can be extremely social and interactive. In the world of online bingo this can be seen in the communities that each bingo room offers. Players from all over the world connect through chat rooms and blogs where they discuss bingo and everything else.

Fast Games, fast Money

Once you’ve tried bingo online you will most likely stick to this format. In online bingo rooms players can enjoy fast games as well as slower ones. Depending on your preferences you could be playing with a myriad of different bingo cards at once. Luck will determine if you win but with more games going on at a faster pace you stand a better chance than in a regular land based bingo hall. Once you win the money is in your player account within seconds. Bingo has never been easier than today. No wonder the land based halls are closing!


Another great advantage to the online bingo games is that they are full of fun innovations. In online bingo rooms it is easy to introduce new patterns or special rules which give the players a chance to win more money and increase the fun. There is also a great variety when it comes to prices for the games and sometimes a player can join the game for free and still end up winning a lot of money.


The future of bingo lies online because the online bingo games have everything and much more than what a regular land based bingo hall can offer.